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August 2014


Thrifty Ideas: Sometimes You Just Have to Clean it up a Bit

August 8, 2014


The article is a guest post by Hally who writes for W12 Deluxe Carpet Cleaning.

When cleaning your house, you sometimes notice items that don’t serve any purpose anymore, but you still find it hard to dispose of them. It happens to everyone. Most unnecessary stuff either has sentimental value to you or you erroneously think it will serve you one day in the future. But as time is ticking away, you still can’t remember to use it anyhow. Don’t you think that it is time to get rid of these items anyway? Don’t worry, they may still come in handy after all, so removing them is not necessary. But it really depends on the case.

Just for now, all you need to solve this problem is some free time and a little creativity.

Below we have shown several thrifty ways in which you can reuse your old stuff.

Decorate your rooms using your old stuff

Instead of removing some of the stuff, it can be used to create something new and beautiful. There are numerous possibilities, you just have to let your imagination run wild.

For example, you can turn an old ladder into a gorgeous vintage style bookshelf. It’s a low-cost method that will make some space for your books if you have too many and only little room for them. You don’t have to buy anything, you only need to hang the ladder onto the wall. You can divide it into two parts and hang each one in two different corners. After that you only have to add some books. If you want, you may paint the ladder before hanging it.

Another very interesting idea is to hang old chairs onto a wall, using them as a closet unit or shelf. You can put some hangers on which you can place your clothes.

If you have too many books that you will never read again, you can use them to make a bookshelf where you’ll put the books that are valuable to you. Just fix the old books onto the wall and you will have a beautiful bookshelf. How you can make one you can search in the cyberspace.

What else you can do is: turn rackets into mirrors, hang bowlers on lamps, turn bathtub into couch (by the way, this is a great idea!) and so on and so forth. Let us tell you one more time, you only need get motivated and creative to make this happen.

Make old items look better

Every item needs refreshing every now and then. Time is merciless to all the creatures and objects as they deteriorate very quickly. As a result some of your belongings may need to be freshened a little. For example, you may need to change your wallpapers. Instead of spending a fortune on new wallpapers, you can refresh the ones you already have by adding some decoration on the wall that will cover the “problematic” areas. In this case, adding a shelf like the one we mentioned above will do just fine.

You can use all the tips for decorating your room to refreshen your belongings and the appearance of the house as whole.

Dispose of the stuff you don’t need

The last tip would be to get rid of all the stuff that serves no purpose to you and that you didn’t use to make some of the items mentioned above. This includes old products, knick-knacks, lottery tickets, clothes, etc. Just clean it up a bit. Don’t leave that for the next cleaning session when you may be too tired to handle stuff like that.