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November 2015


How to Improve Your Home Security without Spending too much

November 12, 2015

One of the things I have been dying to do since I bought my house is to install some kind of security system. But, every time I look at the prices, I talk myself out of it. As readers of this blog, I assume two things about you: you are trying to put yourself in a better place financially and take care of your family. So, what do you do if one hinders the other? Home security doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive with all the gadgets and monitoring. Below is a guest post about having a safer home, without breaking the bank.

Burglary is a very prevalent crime.  As a matter of fact, one home falls victim to it every 15 seconds. (Scary right?!)  It  usually strikes when nobody is at home and when it’s  least  expected. However,  although rampant, burglary is also one of the easiest crimes to prevent. There are several things you can actually do to burglar proof your home and protect what matters most to you.  Here are effective ways to improve your home security without spending a fortune:

1. Clear your lawn.

One of the most effective ways you can burglar proof your home is to increase its visibility. You can start by trimming down tall  bushes and cutting branches off of trees. These places are favorable hiding spots for burglars, particularly at night. If you want to grow some plants, you can choose the thorny ones instead. Roses, for example, are best grown near your windows. Not only will they add beauty to your lawn but they can also keep unwanted people from prying into your home.

Aside from landscaping,  you also need to make sure that there are no unused ladders lying around.  You should  avoid  leaving  objects  burglars  can  use  to  gain  access  to  your  home,  such  as screwdrivers and crowbars. You can lock these tools away to make sure that they’re not within easy reach. Boxes of newly bought items should also be removed from your lawn to avoid attracting unwanted attention. If you own a bicycle or a motorcycle, it’s best if you can tuck them inside your garage.

2. Lock your doors.

While it’s easy to feel secure with your old door lock, experts believe it may no longer be enough to keep your home safe. With lock bumping and snapping, burglars can easily gain access to your home. Aside from using traditional locks, you can also install additional deadbolt locks to your door. They are stronger and extend deeper into the door jamb and strike plate of your door’s frame than regular locks. For added security, you can also change the screws on your strike plates and make sure they are at least 3 inches in length. This way, if someone tries to kick your door open, your door frame won’t easily break.

Aside from deadbolts, smart locks are also effective in keeping burglars away. Some of these locks rely on smart phones for authentication while there are other more advanced smart locks that require biometrics, like fingerprints, in granting access. This ensures that no one can enter your home without your permission. Other than security, these locks are convenient to have because they allow users to check on their doors even without the need to travel back home. You can even lock and unlock your doors right from your smart phone.

3. Install a home security system.

You don’t need to empty your bank account just to find the best security system for your home. As a matter of fact,  there are a lot of affordable but efficient systems today that don’t  require long term contracts and expensive monthly fees. You just need to be knowledgeable of your options in order to find the best system that’s fit for your needs. A DIY system, for one, costs less than a professionally installed system because it requires no installation or even activation fees. It’s also a more convenient option because it gives you more freedom in terms of adjusting how you want the system to work and when you want to install it. There’s also no need to wait for a technician or let one inside your home. A home security camera system, on the other hand, allows you to see what happens at home in real time.  Most of these systems come with home security and automation features which means you won’t  need to spend extra just make your home smart.

4. Practice responsible home ownership.

The cheapest  way to improve your home security is to practice better  home ownership. This includes regularly checking your home and making sure that there are no broken locks and hanging hinges on your doors and windows. In case you find one, always make it a point to do prompt repairs. You should also make it a habit to avoid leaving any of your spare keys under the mat of your front door. If you’ll be away from home for a few days, try not to post details about it on sticky notes or your online accounts. It can also help if you can get to know your neighbors well. Building a close relationship withthem can mean more watchful eyes against intruders and burglars.

Awareness and vigilance are two crucial factors in improving your home security. Without them,even the best home security system or the toughest deadbolt lock won’t be enough protect your home.