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Homemade Baby Wipes Recipes – Cheap & Easy

October 10, 2022

Save Money by Learning to Make Your Own Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade baby wipes can be a fun and cost-effective way to clean your little ones big messes. Not only will it save you money but homemade baby wipes can be customized to match your baby’s skin. You can alter the recipes if your child has sensitive skin or reacts in a bad way to any ingredients. The best part about homemade baby wipes is that they don’t contain all the chemicals in commercial products and you know exactly what in going into them.

Instructions to Make Your Own Homemade Baby Wipes

Choose the right paper towels

You want to use a paper towel that can absorb well but is also strong enough to not fall apart when it gets wet. Try the kind that let you choose the size you want as well. They make for better wipes. I like the Sparkle brand for the price and the quality. Check out to buy in bulk since you need paper towels for normal household stuff as it is.

  1. You are going to need to cut the roll of paper towels in half before you can start. Make sure to use a sharp enough knife to get through the cardboard and the paper towels. Do not remove the cardboard inside yet. 
    Homemade Baby Wipes

    Cut your paper towels in half.

  2. If you are using an old wipes container, simply pile the paper towels into the container in an accordion style. Just zig-zag the paper towels back and forth in the container until you run out. One roll of paper towels fits perfectly oncetheyare cut in half. You may have to hold your hand on them as you do this since they like to spring out of the container.
    Homemade baby wipes

    Fill the container in a zig-zag pattern.


    Homemade Baby wipes

    Keep your hand on the wipes so they don’t spring out.

  3. If you want to put them in more of a canister type container, just put the half roll of paper towels in with the cut side down. Removing thecardboardcan be a little tricky since the last paper towel is kind of glued to it. You may have to wedge your fingers in there and get the cardboard loose first. Remove the cardboard inside and start to pull a piece of the paper towel from the inside. This will get your wipes going and you can just grab and tear on the perforated lines.
    Homemade baby wipes

    Remove the cardboard middle.


    Homemade baby wipes

    Pull paper towels from the center.

  4. Pour your solution into the container and let it soak through all the paper towels before use. This is fairly quick and your can use your wipes within 5 minutes. 
    Homemade baby wipes solution

    Pour the solution into your wipes.

Pull the first wipe up through the opening and you’re done. That’s it! It’s very quick and easy. The whole process takes 5 minutes, if it even takes that long. Just follow one of the solution recipes and you’re ready to go.

Homemade Baby Wipes Solution

There are plenty of different variations of baby wipes solution when you are making them yourself. You can add different stuff for pretty smells, stick with all natural ingredients and plenty of other different options. Here are just a few of my favorite recipes for whipping up homemade baby wipes.

No matter which recipe you choose, make sure you mix the ingredient well in a separate container before adding them to your wipes to evenly distribute all parts. However, mix them gently so you don’t cause suds and bubbles.

Vitamin E & Essential Oils Solution

  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 Drops Pure Essential Lavender Oil
  • 2 Drops Chamomile Oil
  • 1 Capsule Vitamin E

Cut open or poke a small hole in the Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the contents into the water. Add all of your oils and mix well. I love the addition of Lavender Oil since it is very soothing for babies. My daughter always fell right to sleep when I slathered her up with lavender lotion.

I buy my ingredients on Amazon since I can sit at my computer and compare prices for hours without people looking at me funny. ; ) Below are the prices I found the most beneficial.



Aloe Vera Solution

  • 1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 Cups Hot Water

The hot water is necessary to get the Aloe, oil and water to mix properly. Mix all ingredients together well and do not use until the solution has cooled off completely. This one is great for those sensitive booties.


Basic Homemade Baby Wipes Solution

  • 2 Cups Water
  • 1 Tsp Baby Oil
  • 1/2 Tsp Baby Shampoo or Body Wash

The best part about this recipe is you most likely already have these ingredients around the house. Just mix them together well and your done making the solution.

Homemade Baby Wipe Storage

There are a couple different ways you can store and use your homemade baby wipes and solution.

  • You can submerge your wipes in the solution in an old wipes box or in a canister that has a lid. They will stay wet and you can grab and go. These two methods were described in the instructions above.
  • You can put the solution in a spray bottle and keep the paper towels separate. Just spray the solution on your wipe when you are ready to change your baby.

I prefer having the wipes already in the solution so it is one less thing to do when you’re changing a squirming baby or toddler.


Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes Option

If you would rather stay away from more paper products ending up in a land fill, you can make your own homemade cloth baby wipes as well. If you are already using cloth diapers, it is very easy to make the switch to cloth wipes.

  1. If you have any plain t-shirts around the house that you never wear, you can use these. If not, you can go out and buy some basic white Hanes or Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. Try to get the largest size for the most bang for your buck.
  2. Tear or cut up the t-shirt into about 6 inch by 6 inch square pieces. These will serve as your wipes.
  3. Choose and mix together a wipe solution from above.
  4. Decide if you want pre-soaked wipes or a spray bottle and dry wipes.
  5. Putting them in an old wipe container or even a Ziploc bag is a good choice for pre-soaked wipes. This way you can easily throw them in your diaper bag and go. Just make sure you have another bag handy for the used cloth wipes.

Old Fashioned Cleaning Remedies That Actually Work

October 10, 2022

Guest Post By: Hally Bertram

Instead of using harsh and very toxic cleaning materials and preparations, sold in the markets today, there are a number of ecological resources you can use, made of natural and cheap ingredients. Cleaning can be affordable and easy and as effective as using the other professional products. Using the old fashioned cleaning remedies like baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and sunlight, you apply eco-friendly ingredients, which are safe and efficient in achieving immaculate cleanness.

The most effective and affordable cleaning remedies, tested and proved by domestic cleaners in London, used by our grandparents, when there wasn’t another cleaning alternative are:

  • baking soda
  • lemon juice
  • white vinegar
  • sunlight

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the remedies, which are not very often used, although it can bring brilliant results. Combined and blended together with some lemon juice, vinegar or water it makes a slightly abrasive paste, which can be used as an universal cleaning product and for removing stains. It can be used on plenty of surfaces and doesn’t erode them, unlike the strong chemicals. Baking soda cleanses well all stainless steel objects and its paste removes pastels from walls and wallpapers. It can eliminate tannin stains from tea and coffee and any stains on crockery.

old fashioned cleaning remedies

Mixing acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate to make an eco friendly household cleaner. Source: Flickr.

Its another effect is neutralizing and absorbing any kind of smell. These properties can be used to deodorize fridges and dishwashers. It can successfully cover all bad smells from pet animals from different rugs, carpets and furniture. If you want to clean your carpet bespatter it with baking soda and leave it around quarter an hour, before vacuum cleaning it.

Lemon Juice

Another cleaning remedy, which actually works is lemon juice. When choosing them for cleaning, pick these, which are hard and weighty and have fine-grained skin. They are more juicy. Lemons contain the mild citric acid, which makes them perfect for bleaching, freshening and purification of bad smell. It effectively decomposes fat. Mixed in hot water it can be used to clean kitchens. Being the best stain remover, lemon juice should be put on the first place when deciding to take away any stain. It can remove spots from sinks, brass, copper and stainless steel objects, ink stains from clothes, neutralize food smell from cutting board. Its practical necessity and usefulness is amazingly wide. Blended with salt it can make wonders, removing all kinds of stains from various tissues. Lemon juice is quite universal in cleaning.

White Vinegar

Another universal resource, which is quite cheap is white vinegar. It cleanses perfectly any glass. It is a mild acid and works well on all obstinate stains. All the deposits from hard water like lime-scale and calcium will be effectively removed from your tiles, bathroom showers and sinks. It is a wonderful cleaning remedy for obstinate spots on upholstered furnishings, pots and pans, removing of mildew and mould, stains from clothes and carpets etc. It also has a perfume effect. It absorbs smells of smoke and paint in the room, placed in a container or directly sprayed in the premise.


And last but not least is natural sunlight. It has very strong bleaching power and can replace the strong and harmful preparations, which make your clothes whiter. If you wet a stain on your clothes and leave it to dry in the sun and repeat the procedure till the spot disappears, you can remove it, without a problem. The sunlight also decreases mold and mildew from different subjects. Regular exposing of covers, blankets and upholstery on direct sunlight is a good way to aerate them.

Using these easy to find and very effective old-fashionable remedies, you can save money and achieve the same and sometimes even better effect in cleaning and disinfecting your clothes and house properties. They are time-tested and really work on all stains, dirt, mildew and mold and will definitely leave no toxicity in the environment.


DIY: Homemade Tanning Lotion Recipes

October 10, 2022

Why I Make my own Homemade Tanning Lotion

  • There is no weird orange color that you can get from store-bought products because you can customize the exact color you want by changing the recipe a little.
  • Homemade tanning lotion is a fraction of the cost of store-bought products.
  • You know exactly what you are putting on your body because you made it. No harsh chemicals that you can’t even pronounce.

Homemade Carrot Tanning Oil

Homemade tanning lotion -  carrot
One coat of homemade carrot tanning oil applied to lower arm.

Source: Donatella’s Fashion Blog

This homemade self tanner typically needs to be reapplied once per week. If the picture to the right looks a little too orange to you, add a beat to the recipe. It will give it a little more of a red tone instead of orange.


  • 3/4 gallon of water
  • 1 lb of fresh carrots (with peels on)
  • 2 cups of brown sugar
  • 8 drops of vitamin E extract
  • 1/2 a cup of Aloe Vera gel


  1. Rinse carrots and cut into thin slices.
  2. Bring water to a boil.
  3. Add carrots and brown sugar.
  4. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 hours.
  5. Turn of stove and let cool.
  6. Pour through a strainer to remove the liquid from the clumps.
  7. Add the Aloe Vera and the vitamin E into your self tanner.
  8. Pour self tanner into a spray bottle.

Cocoa Powder Self Tanner Recipe

For best results: apply daily. Only use 100% Pure Cocoa Powder for this recipe. Anything else will not work right.


  • 100% Pure Cocoa Powder
  • Unscented White Lotion


  1. Combine 1/2 cup of unscented white lotion in a bowl with 1/3 cup of pure cocoa powder.
  2. Mix together with a fork until it is smooth and has no clumps. Use the fork to push big clumps against the side of the bowl to break them up.
  3. Keep adding a little bit of cocoa powder at a time until you reach your desired shade. The lotion will appear darker in the bowl than it will on your skin. So, once you reach your desired shade, just add a little more.
  4. Smooth over entire body evenly.

Black Tea Self Tanner Recipe

This is my favorite recipe!

black Tea self tanner
After one application to my left leg.


  • 8 Black Tea Bags
  • 16 oz Water


  1. Boil 8 ounces of water in a sauce pan.
  2. Add 4 tea bags to the pan, remove from heat, and cover.
  3. Let water seep for 2 hours. This gives it plenty of time to get all the color out and it will be cooled off by the time you move to the next step.
  4. Squeeze all the excess water out of the tea bags into the pan.
  5. Pour into a spray bottle any apply. You may want to use a kitchen funnel to make sure you don’t make a mess.

Tips for Using These Homemade Tanning Lotion Recipes

Any time you use tanning products on your skin, there are a few things you need to do beforehand to get the best results. This applies to store-bought or homemade tanning lotion/oil. The main way self-tanning products work is by staining your skin. This only works on the top few layers of skin cells. The reason your tan fades is that we shed the top layer of skin cells on a regular basis – usually every week or 2. To get the best results from these homemade tanning lotions, you need to get rid of any dead skin. This is done by exfoliation. This way, the tanning product can get to the healthy layers of skin and not just the skin you will shed very soon.

Homemade Exfoliating Lotion

Exfoliating lotion is actually really simple to make at home. Just add 1/2 cup of sugar to 1 cup of lotion. Take globs of this and rub it on your skin. Use a little bit of pressure so it acts as a scrub. After that, apply your choice of homemade tanning lotion. Enjoy!

What do you think?

Which recipe are you going to try? Did you already try one? Do you have your own recipe? Let me know!


Homemade Refrigerator Pickles: How-to & Recipes

October 10, 2022

Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Making your own homemade pickles from cucumbers can be quite simple. There are a few different methods to getting it done. The two main techniques are by canning or the refrigerator. If you are making small batches for your own short term use or a huge batch to give out to friends; you should use the refrigerator method that I will teach you here. If you want to make huge amounts to have a stockpile for yourself all year long; you will want to use the canning method. The canning route requires more equipment and takes a bit longer. The refrigerator method of making homemade pickles is quick, simple and requires only your ingredients and jars.

The recipes in this article include bread & butter refrigerator pickles and dill refrigerator pickles.

homemade refrigerator pickles

Ingredients Needed

Dill Pickle Ingredients

  • Pint Mason Jars
  • Cucumbers
  • Pickling Salt
  • Dill Weed
  • Onion
  • Celery Seed
  • White Vinegar
  • Garlic Cloves or Minced Garlic

pickle ingredients

Bread & Butter Pickle Ingredients

  • Pint Mason Jars
  • Cucumbers
  • White Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Pickling Salt
  • Mustard Seed
  • Celery Seed
  • Onion

 Pick Your Cucumbers

Whether you use store bought cucumbers or you own garden vegetables, you will want to pick the right size for the best pickles. Typically, you will want small to medium sized cucumbers. Look for ones that are about an inch to an inch and a half thick and about 4 to 5 inches long. For every 6 pint jars, you will need about 2.5 lbs or about 15 small cucumbers.

Wash & Cut Cucumbers

First, make sure your hands are clean. Then, wash the cucumbers and make sure to get any dirt off of them. Make sure you also wash your mason jars with soap and water before you begin using them.

Decide what kind of pickles you want to make or if you want a combination of them. The two that I stick to are sandwich chips and spears. For both types, you will want to cut off the very end off of both sides. For sandwich chips, simply cut the entire cucumber into even little slices. You can cut them as thin or as thick as you prefer. For the pickle spears, just cut the cucumber in half longways and then cut each of those halves in half longways. This will create 4 spears per cucumber.

Prepare Mason Jars

For Homemade Dill Pickles:

The first thing you want to put in each of your mason jars, is a pinch of dill weed and a pinch of celery seed. If you are going to use minced garlic, you will add a pinch of it as well. If you are going to use garlic cloves, add about one third of a clove cut into smaller pieces. Last, cut up about 3 or 4 larger rings of onion and add to your jar.

pickle recipe & instructions

For Homemade Bread & Butter Pickles:

The first thing you will add to your bread and butter pickle jars is a pinch of mustard seed and a pinch of celery seed. Also, you will need to chop up 2 or 3 large rings of onion and add those as well.

Note: these amounts are starting points. As you become more comfortable making your own pickles, you can add more or less of the different spices and flavorings to suit your preferences.

Once you have prepared your jars with all of your spices and seasonings, go ahead and fill with your cucumber slices or spears. The best way to pack spears into the jars is longways. For the pickle chips, just start piling them in and jiggle the jar as you go to fill up all the holes. Set them to the side.

If you prefer a more store bought taste for your picky kids, Ball makes a product to make bread and butter pickles from home that taste EXACTLY like the ones you buy from the store. It mostly replaces the pickling salt and spices/seasonings in my recipe and has its own directions on the container. I have used it and highly recommend it. Amazon has the best deal I have ever seen on it.

Ball® Bread & Butter Pickle Mix – Flex Batch – New! (12.0oz) (by Jarden Home Brands)

Prepare Pickling Liquid

For Dill Pickling Liquid, Combine:

  • 4 Cups Water
  • 2 Cups White Vinegar
  • 1/3 Cup Pickling Salt

For Bread and Butter Pickling Liquid, Combine:

  • 3 Cups White Vinegar
  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Pickling Salt

Note: These amounts are for a 6 pint mason jar recipe. Adjust amounts according to desired amount of pickle jars.

Finish and Wait

finished refrigerator pickles

Pour the pickling liquid you made over the corresponding pickles. Dill liquid goes in the jars you prepared for dill pickles. Bread and butter liquid goes in the jars you prepared for bread and butter pickles. You will want the liquid to completely fill the jar up to the lip. After they are full, screw the lid on tight. Leave your pickles out on the counter for 24 hours and then move to the refrigerator. For best taste, wait until the pickles have been in the fridge for a week and no less than a day. Also, be sure to use within 3 months and keep in the refrigerator. This method of homemade pickles does not allow you to store pickles at room temperature.


How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

October 10, 2022

This year, I decided to use raised garden beds for my vegetable garden. I did a ton of research and decided it was my best option. I live in South Florida, so we get a lot of rain and our soil is really sandy in some parts, with little nutrients.

I raise a garden to have fresh fruits and vegetables, and save money on my groceries. But, when I started shopping around for raised garden bed kits or pre-made ones, the prices were ridiculous. If you want one for the aesthetics – sure buy a fancy one. But, I decided to go for the more frugal option – build one myself. Now, a little disclaimer – I am no master craftsman. I have no special skills that made this project easy on me. If I can build my own raised garden beds, anyone can.

Why Raised Garden Beds?

Raised garden beds offer a ton of benefits to you as the gardener and to the plants you are growing.

Less Weeds – Because the garden will be planted in separate soil from the ground, it gives you much more control over what grows in the beds. You will spend so much less time weeding your beautiful vegetable garden.

More Veggies – Another perk of having different soil than the ground underneath is that your vegetables will be more plentiful. The quality of soil will allow you to have higher yields than a typical row garden.

Longer Growing Season – Because the bed is raised, it will warm up much faster than the soil around it. This makes for a longer “season” since seasons rely on soil temperature.

Better Irrigation – If you live in a really rainy climate, like I do, one of your fears is too much rain. Plants need rain but can easily be over saturated. Raised beds allow the water to escape the bed if there is too much of it.

Cost Comparison Between DIY and Store Bought Garden Beds

I bought all of my supplies at Lowes because they give a military discount. (Which I love!!) But, these are the costs at regular price.

Severe Weather #2 Pressure Treated Lumber (Common: 4 x 4 x 8; Actual: 3.5-in x 3.5-in x 96-in) – $6.77

Top Choice #2 Prime Pressure Treated Lumber (Common: 2 x 6 x 8; Actual: 1.5-in x 5.5-in x 96-in) – $5.47 ea.

Total Lumber costs for 2 beds – $43.76

Grip-Rite 1-lb #9- 2.5-in x 2.5-in Pan-Head Polymer-Coated Star-Drive Composite Deck Screw – $8.68

Total Cost to build 2 raised garden beds – $52.44 ($26.22 each)

Closest comparable store bought raised garden bed: Frame It All 48-in L x 48-in W x 11-in H Composite – $119.99


That’s a savings of $93.77 for each one. I’m building 9 for my garden now!



Makes (2) 4×4 raised beds, 1 foot deep.

  • 1- 4x4x8 pressure treated
  • 8- 2x6x8 pressure treated
  • 1 Box of 2 1/2 in. deck/outdoor screws. Regular screws will start to rust and your bed wont last as long.
  • Screw driver or drill (I highly suggest a drill but it can be done with a screw driver)
  • Hand or electric saw
  • Some elbow grease : )


  1. You can prep the area in a couple of different ways.

The first option involves getting the area down to a flat dirt area. You will have to dig up all of the grass and the roots to get a nice, level, sandy area. Rake it out with a metal rake so you get rid of any rocks or roots left behind. I used this method with my first garden and it was very labor intensive but cheaper.

raised garden bed

The route I choose to go this year was to leave the ground as is and put a week barrier an the entire area. I also used mulch as my walk ways between each raised bed. To me, this is so pretty and you don’t have to fight the weeds as much later. But, the down side is that it costs a little more. You have to buy the weed barrier and landscape pins to secure them.

  1. Cut your 4x4x8 into 8- 1 foot sections.
  2. Cut each of the 2x6x8 in half, creating 16- 4 foot sections.
  3. Lay 2 of your 4×4 pieces down on a flat surface with about a 4 foot space.
  4. Place one of your 4 foot pieces flat on top of them. Line up the 2 edges that will become the top of your raised bed. Put 2 screws in on each side to secure the panel.
  5. Repeat the process with another panel, making sure it is pushed tight against the first one. There will be a little of the 4×4 post left over. This is ok because it will be facing the ground and will help anchor it down.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5. You now have two full sides down.
  7. Stand those sides up with the flat level side down, and spaced about 4 feet apart with the 4×4 “posts” on the inside.
  8. Screw panels onto the posts, making sure you have the end of the panel forming a right angle with the other panel.
  9. Repeat step 8 until all panels have been attached.
  10. Flip the entire box over, so the flat side is up. You now have the corners as flat little seats.
  11. Put your raised garden bed wherever you want it. Wiggle it back and forth so it gets firmly seated in its location.
  12. Fill with good soil, plant and enjoy.

4x4 DIY raised garden bed


How to Start Selling Avon

October 10, 2022

If you have already done your research and decided you want to start selling Avon, you have come to the right place. If you have not fully made up your mind, check out “Is Selling Avon Worth it? A Look at the Numbers“.


Before we get into the step by steps of starting to sell Avon; let me time this time to answer some frequently asked questions about signing up to sell Avon.

How much does it cost to start selling Avon?

  • $15 if you sign up online or with an Avon Representative.

Can you make money selling Avon?

  • Yes; If you start selling Avon, you have started your own business. The potential to make money is there. You just have to treat it like a business and work hard at it.

Can you sell Avon online exclusively?

  • Yes; You can use your Avon E-Representative site and not buy and brochures.

How much commission do Avon reps make?

  • This is based on how much you are selling total. The minimum “commission” you will make is 20%.

Sign up to Start Selling Avon

Avon Sign up

Signing up to sell Avon is actually a really easy process. There are two main options; you can sign up online and pay the $15 with your bank account or debit card, or you can contact a local Avon Representative and sign up with them in person. Your personality will probably determine which option you choose. No matter how you sign up, you get the same package of information, 20 brochures, and Avon bag and a few other things. If you sign up with someone in person, that is who your Avon leader will be. If you plan to be very involved with other Avon Ladies in the area, I recommend you do it in person.

Sign up Online

To sign up online, you are going to enter your information into a form at You will have to wait a few days for all of your goodies to come in the mail. But, you are an official Avon representative once you fill out the form and pay your sign up fee.

Avon Starter Kit

There is a new option when you sign up to sell Avon. You can do the basic starter kit or a deluxe version. The deluxe gives you quite a bit of samples and handy demo products to get you started.

Sign up in Person

If you are going to sign up with someone in person, and don’t have a specific person in mind; you will need to find someone in your area. You will need to fill out the form on with your contact information. This information will then be given to an Avon Leader in your area. They will call you and set up an appointment place and time to talk, fill out the sign up papers, and pay your sign up fee.

Tell Everyone You Know (and Don’t Know)

Let everyone know that you are an Avon Representative. You can make business cards if you like but it is not necessary to start out.

Potential Customers

  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Co-workers
  • People at your Church
  • People at your Gym
  • People at the Grocery Store
  • People you see anywhere you go often.

If you are going to get into any kind of network marketing, I highly suggest you read Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional. It teaches you how to be successful in any network marketing or direct sales business. It was the first book I read when I decided to get really serious about this stuff!


How do you Make Money From a Blog?

October 10, 2022

All of my friends and family know I am a blogger. The funny thing is their reaction when I mention making money. They look at me with this dumbfounded look every time and say “How do you make money from a blog?”. I feel like it is some hidden secret that only bloggers know about. The secret is bloggers do write because they enjoy it, but we can also make money doing it.

So… How DO you make money from a blog?

The first thing you need to know, is you can’t make money from a blog if no one knows about it. Before you even start thinking about making money blogging, you need to have a blog, a community, fans, readers, etc. If you have no one coming to your site, how do you expect to make money?

You don’t need a ton of website traffic, but you do need to have steady traffic. Once you have accomplished that, you can start to monetize that traffic. There are more options to monetize a blog that you could ever need. The trick is to use a mixture of different kinds of methods depending on what kind of topic you are talking about. We will talk about some of the most common.

How Do You Make Money From a Blog?

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  2. Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  3. Affiliate Networks
  4. Direct Advertising
  5. Membership Sites

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click, or CPC, is a method of advertising that pays you when your reader actually clicks on the ad. CPC advertising networks are great for very niche specific topics. This is because CPC is a contextual advertising method. The content on your page is crawled by the advertising robots and they match up keywords found in your writing to keywords that advertisers have bid on. You simply add a few lines of code to enable ads on your blog. The keywords found in your blog will determine how much you make from each click. It could be as little as $0.01 or over $50.00. It all depends on what kind of niche you are writing about.

CPC Networks

  • Google Adsense
  • Media Net
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks

Read More: Top 13 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks.

Cost Per Mile

Cost Per Mile, or CPM, is a method of advertising that pays you a set amount for every 1000 views, or impressions, your blog gets. CPM advertising is great for blogs that get a ton of traffic. These blogs are typically informational versus the sales kind of blogs. If you are just writing because you love it, you have loyal followers, but no real niche to your writing; CPM may be the best thing for you.

CPM Networks

  • Tribal Fusion
  • Casale Media
  • CPX Interactive
  • Adtegrity
  • AdPepper

Read More: 15 Best Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads Networks.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing works by advertisers paying you a commission on every sale you generate. You do not get paid for readers simply viewing or clicking on the link/ad. You get paid only when a reader buys something after clicking on the link or advertisement. Affiliate networks use tracking cookies and referral links to give you credit for these sales. So, if someone clicks my link that goes to Amazon and they buy something within 30 days, I get credit for that sale.

Affiliate advertising usually is most beneficial on reviews, top ten lists, or anything else that mentions a product. Usually potential customers go online before making a final buying decision. Affiliate marketing helps you make money by helping the customer make a decision on what they want.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

  • LinkShare
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale

Read More: TOP 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2013.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is usually the most profitable but a little harder to acquire. The blogger or site owner has to seek out this kind of advertising on their own. You would contact a company that would provide some kind of value for your readers. This company could then choose to advertise with  you for a set amount per click, per 1000 impressions, or typically a set amount per month.

Membership Sites

Most of the big name blogs and websites have some form of a membership site. Membership sites work by charging a fee for monthly access  to some kind of premium content. This can be a forum, more in depth blog posts, a tutorial area, a study guide, etc. Anything above and beyond what is available on the normal site.

Membership sites usually have a decent amount of free content that serves as a teaser. This content is great and extremely helpful. It is what drives you to the website in the first place. Once you are on the website or blog, there is a link to even more information or a tool, that you are really interested in. But, the only way you can get to it is to become a paying member.


Final Word: How do You Make Money From a Blog?

  1. Create a Blog.
  2. Write Amazing Content.
  3. Get Some Readers.
  4. Add Some of the Methods Above.
  5. Write More Content.
  6. Get More Readers.
  7. Make More Money!

Smartphone Apps That Make You Money

October 10, 2022

Almost everyone owns a smart phone these days, so why not put it to use? Don’t just use that thing for phone calls, texts, and e-mailing. You could actually be making money on your smart phone. Take a look at my favorite free smart phone apps that make you money. The reason I love these apps is that they reward me on things I am already doing. I don’t have to go out and do anything special, or watch boring ads, or fill out mundane surveys. You are never going to get rich from these apps. But, if you can get small rewards and a few cents here and there for things you’re doing anyways, why not?!

Pact – Get Paid Cash for Working Out

Apps that make you money

I started using Pact back when it was called GymPact. I loved it then and I love it now. There are a ton of features added that make it even better now.

How Pact Works

Using Pact is actually really easy. The general idea is that you make a pact with yourself. You choose a set amount of money as your wager and how many days you are committing to work out, eat vegetables or log your food intake. If you don’t make your pact by the end of the week, you are charged for each day you failed to meet that standard. You can wager anything from $5 up, in $5 increments. The amount you wager has nothing to do with the amount you get paid.

Pact has partnered with a few other apps that make it easier to complete your pact. These apps include: RunKeeper, Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Moves, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal. All of these except MyFitnessPal are used to verify your workouts. MyFitnessPal is the app required if you want to create a pact based on keeping tract of your food and caloric intake.

The last type of pact you can make is based on how many servings of vegetables you eat during the week. You can count op to 5 servings in one day. This works by taking a picture of your vegetables and uploading it to pact. The community then votes on whether it should count or not. This keeps people honest. (Pizza does not count!)

How Pact Pays You

Pact uses the money that other users pay for failing their pact, and gives it to you. All of the money is collected and split up between the people who were successful with their pacts. The more days you commit to, the more money you make.

Pact sends out payments through PayPal. You have to have a balance of at least $10 before you can request payment. I typically just request payment on the first of every month since I earn at least $10 per month.

Viggle – Make Money by Watching TV

apps that make you money

Who wouldn’t want to make money just for watching TV? Isn’t that a dream the most people have? I know as a kid I always wished it was possible.

How Viggle Works

Viggle matches the audio from any show you are watching on television to the actual show. It gives you a certain amount of points for every minute you are watching. You simply open the app, click on check in, and be quiet so the app can pick up on the shows audio. Some shows are worth extra points like Pay-Per-View fights or Showtime. You can also get points for watching advertisements.

How Viggle Pays You

Viggle points can’t be redeemed for actual cash, but they are still very valuable. I am currently saving mine to redeem for the FitBit. You can cash your points in for products, discounts, gift cards, charities, or sweepstakes.

Referral Bonus

You can invite friends to use Viggle through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or a text message. If your friend decides to sign up, you get 5,000 points when they check in to a TV show with the app, and so does your friend. The catch is, your friends have to register with Facebook if that’s how they were invited. Any other invitation method makes it okay to register with e-mail.

Ibotta – Get Rebates

apps that make you money

How Ibotta Works

Ibotta gives you rebates for things you have bought. Choose your favorite rebates and unlock them by completing fun tasks. Then, just need to scan the bar-code of the item and take a picture of the receipt. You can also earn more money with bonuses. Ibotta Bonuses are a fun way to earn money and bragging rights by buying featured products or shopping in certain stores. Work toward completing these bonuses over time, and when you do you will unlock special rewards.

How Ibotta Pays You

Ibotta doesn’t use points or any other kind of fake currency. All of your rebates can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or Venmo as soon as you reach the $5 threshold. If you want to cash out at $2, you can do so for gift cards.

Referral Bonus

You can earn $5 for every referral on Ibotta. To qualify for the bonus, the person needs to sign up through a link you sent them or by typing in your referral code. Once the have signed up, they still have to redeem a rebate before you get paid. Sign up for Ibotta with my referral code biiaiz.

Receipt Hog – Make Money Every Time You Buy Something

apps that make you money
Receipt Hog

Every time I spend money, I get a little depressed when I look at my receipts. Receipt Hog is an app that has taken some of the edge off that feeling.

How Receipt Hog Works

Receipt Hog gives you coins for every qualified receipt you upload. To be “qualified”, it has to be from identified super-centers, grocery, club, drug, dollar, and convenience stores. It doesn’t even matter what you buy at the store. Coins awarded for receipts are based on the dollar amount spent (<$10 = 5 coins;  $10-$50 = 10 coins;  $50-$100 = 15 coins; $100+ = 20 coins).

You also earn spins for the slot machine game. The game awards top prizes of $100, 100 coins, and the amount of your last shopping trip. Other than that, you can win a few coins or nothing.

Spins are awarded by either :

1) Inviting friends — you are awarded 3 spins per friend that joins Receipt Hog.

2) Each time you submit your first receipt of the week (Monday through Sunday).

3) When you reach Hog Wild status (5-weeks continuous usage) you’ll get an extra spin per qualifying receipt you submit.

4) The first time you download the app.

How Receipt Hog Pays You

You can redeem coins for cash through PayPal or for gift cards. I like the cash option the best.

Here’s what your coins will get you:

1000 coins = $5.00

1800 coins = $10.00

3200 coins = $20.00

4500 coins = $30.00

Referral Bonus

Rewards for referrals come in the form of spins. Once your referral signs up and uploads a receipt, you get 10 spins and your friend gets 5. It’s a win-win for both of you. Just follow my referral link to get started.

Shopkick – Get Paid For Walking Into Stores

apps that make you money

I love the sound I hear when I walk into stores now. Ding! You just made money!

How Shopkick Works

The currency of Shopkick is kicks. Kicks are like rewards points. You can collect them by walking into a store or scanning items. Just open shopkick at the store’s entrance for the walk-in points to hear the “ding”. Shopkick will actually let you know about deals close by and stores work kicks just for walking in. If you link your Visa or MasterCard, you earn even more kicks when you make qualifying purchases.

How Shopkick Pays You

Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards or products. I am working towards a Target gift card. The conversion rate from kicks to gift card dollars is 250 to 1. This means 250 kicks can be redeemed for $1 worth of gift cards. The minimum to redeem is 500 kicks.

Referral Bonus

Shopkick gives you 2,000 kicks for every 3 friends that join. But, it only rewards you in groups of three. So, if you have two people sign up; you get nothing. If 5 sign up, you still only get 2,000 kicks. Join Shopkick using my referral link.


CheckPoints – The App That Pays You Back

apps that make you money

How CheckPoints Works

When you first sign up, you automatically get 20 points.

How CheckPoints Pays You

Points can be redeemed for gift cards of products.

In the rewards area, I can see:

  • A $200 Target gift card costs 32,000 points.
  • A $25 Subway gift card costs 9,300 points.
  • A $500 Louis Vuitton gift card casts 154,500 points.

According to just those number, there is not obvious conversion rate from points to dollar amounts. You will just have to find the best deal.

Referral Bonus

One of the fastest ways to earn points on CheckPoints is to refer friends. You can get 100% of the points your friends earn in the first two weeks after they download the app. The only catch is that they have to use your bonus code and the maximum you can get per referral is 7,500 points. But, there is no limit on how many referrals you can have. So go ahead, download CheckPoints and use my referral code mdodd63.

Final Thoughts

These are just a list of my favorite apps that make you money. There are plenty more like them. Do you have any experience with these apps? let me know in the comments section. What are your favorite apps that make you money?


5 Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas

October 10, 2022

This post has been sponsored by “YourCareMoments”.Yourcaremoments

For more information about our sponsor, visit:



Being a stay-at-home parent is a huge job, but, unfortunately, nobody pays you to do it! Despite being chef, admin, chauffeur, psychologist, teacher, and maid, there is no paycheck waiting for you at the end of every month. If you have the time to add a few more jobs to your resume – like survey panelist, product tester, or sales associate – you can start making money today! Thanks to the Internet, there is always a way to make some extra money, fast. Read on to discover the many ways you can make money without the hassle or cost of a commute.


  1. Paid Survey Sites. Companies pay a lot of money to know exactly what goes on in the minds of their consumers. Share your experiences or opinions, and within a few minutes you can make 5, 10, 15 dollars or rack up points to redeem gift cards or win prizes. Frequency and payments can vary significantly between surveys, but some of my favorite sites include YourCareMoments, it pays cash and is focused on helping more people gain access to quality healthcare (a cause we can all get behind!) and aggregators like Survey Police and Survey Savvy, both of which rank surveys based on user feedback.
  2. Couponing. Technically this is not a way to make you money, but you can sure save a lot (four words: Extreme Couponing on TLC). To really make a difference in your shopping, you need to do a little more than clip coupons from the Sunday paper. Expand your couponing to the web with ShoppersCouponMom and Cool Savings – just make sure your printer has plenty of ink. Also, if there is a store loyalty card available, get it; they always give you extra savings and special coupons for next time. And couponing does not have to be reserved to food shopping; sites like Retail Me Not compile coupons for retailers online and in stores. For private discounts on restaurants and experiences there are always GiltOne Kings LaneGroupon and Living Social.
  3. Product Testing. Getting free products straight to your door and endlessly giving your opinion – what’s not to love? You can test anything from detergent to pilot services like HBO did with its streaming service. As an added bonus, companies often let you keep the products you test and pay you to tell them about your experiences. Some companies like McCormick run their own product testing, but there are many other sites like TolunaiPollBzzAgent and Global Test Market on which you to create a profile and get sent products.
  4. Freelancing. You can do anything from create branded content for companies like Coca-Cola and Google to being a remote personal assistant. Freelancing is the perfect merger of traditional occupations and freedom – you can apply your knowledge from school or past time in the job force, but still choose when and how frequent you want to work – it truly is the best of both worlds. There are many websites that connect job seekers with employers; some like Task Rabbit and ODesk are broader, with everything from sales to web design, while others are more targeted like Elance and Contently, both of which focus on marketing and writing.
  5. Selling Unused/Gently Used Items. Garage sales, flea markets and consignment stores are a hassle that leave you inexplicably exhausted and produce minimal profits, if any. Instead of using your precious time to set up tables, make flyers, and cart your stuff around, use it to take pictures and post about your items. If you have an abundance of clothes, accessories and books, try sites like Tradsey or Book Scouter and for all the miscellaneous items, Ebay and Craig’s List are always good options.

December 2014 Work at Home Mom Earnings Report

October 10, 2022

Where it all Began

Since this is my first time sharing my work at home mom earnings, let me give you a little background information. I have been SLOWLY working on making money from home since about June 2012. Nothing hardcore – just trying out things here and there between feeding, playing, and changing poop filled diapers.

It all started when I was married and a stay at home mom. I got out of the Army in March of 2011 in preparation for being a mom and all that came with it. I was bored out of my mind and hated not making any money. I was never “that” kind of girl, if you know what I mean. I started doing all I could to find ways of making even a dime. Fast forward a few years later and I am a single, working mom, trying to become a work at home mom.

I decided to start tracking my work from home earnings to give me a clear view of my progress. This is also a great way for other aspiring work from home moms to see what I am actually doing that works. Make sure you subscribe to my blog to get updates every month when I post my earnings. One day, I promise, I will be posting numbers that are high enough to replace my day job.

Here we go…the numbers…

December 2014 Work at Home Mom Income

Google Adsense – $233.79

Hubpages – $68.11

Chitika – $2.88

Infolinks – $0.18

Amazon – $7.95

Total – $312.91

December 2014 Work at Home Mom Expenses

My expenses this month were absolutely nothing. Next month will be a different story because I will have to pay those pesky self employment taxes. : ( Also, all of my blog hosting and domain fees are usually paid around September for the year.

Reflections on December 2014 Earnings

I have a feeling that December’s numbers are a little inflated for Adsense. This is because, during the holidays, advertisers are willing to spend for money on ads than most months. Therefore, each click or view I got was worth more than normal.

My Amazon earnings may have been a little inflated as well. I gave my parents my affiliate like to Amazon and every time they buy something online, they use my link. My dad had a little bit of a spending spree on truck parts. Lol Thanks dad!

Infolinks used to make me a decent amount but I stopped using in mid – December. I didn’t like how the ads showed up and they weren’t very relevant to what I was writing about. That wasn’t okay with me, so away they went.

In the coming months, I think I am going to look into doing some freelance writing to supplement my income some. Stay tune and I’ll let you know how that goes as well.

Happy New Year!