Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

May 31, 2022

Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

First Time on Momma Loves Money?

If this is your first time visiting Momma Loves Money – Welcome! I suggest you check out my about me page to get to know me a little bit. If that has you still wanting to read more, you can read a personal story that is very near to my heart and has help many women so far. This post is the one that I get the most comments, and email responses about.

Stay at Home Mom Divorce – Coping Financially was written in the midst of all the turbulence.  I can tell you right now that each word in that post was typed with tear-stained key strokes. It was a coping mechanism for me to write and help others, but it was also the steps I took to move on financially after my husband told me it was over.

What is the Site About?

Momma Loves Money is a blog/website about personal finances, frugal living, budgeting, DIY, and almost anything related to money. I write many posts about saving money, spending less, making more, and managing the money you already have. But, the main purpose is to help other women to become a stay at home mom.

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My Journey to Become a Stay at Home Mom ( by working from home)

My daughter’s second birthday is approaching and I can’t help but reflect on the last 2 years. Among the many things I have thought about lately is my attempt to earn extra cash from home during that time period. I was much like any other stay at home mom in the sense that I hated not making a financial contribution to the family but I wasn’t willing to go back to the 9-5 life just yet. I knew I was still contributing to the family but I couldn’t see a tangible result. I wanted to see dollar signs as the result of all my hard work and sleepless nights.

Become a stay at home mom

I had barely come home from the hospital and immediately started looking for ways to make money from home. It didn’t have to be enough money to make a full-time income, but enough extra cash to me make me feel better about my contributions. It was something I needed to do for my well being; not because we were struggling. So, if you have felt this way and can relate; I am going to share with you some of the ideas I have tried, and how it went for me. Feel free to try some out for yourself.

Selling Avon to Earn Extra Cash

Selling Avon was my first attempt to earn extra cash from home as a stay at home mom. I had sold Avon as a side job when I was 17 and I actually made a decent profit from it. This time was a little different. The first month, you get 50% of your sales and is usually your best month. But, after that, your commission is determined by the dollar amount you sell.

I wasn’t selling enough to make enough of a profit for the amount of time and energy it took. But, I think this might have been specific to my situation. I just didn’t know enough people and I’m not exactly cut out for sales.

When I sold Avon the first time, I still lived in my hometown where I had my mom, grandparents, family friends etc. I immediately had enough people to sell a few hundred dollars worth of product with no work other than delivery and dropping of books. If you know plenty of people who already love Avon, you know a lot about the product and are willing to put a lot of effort into building a client base; you could likely be very successful at selling Avon.

Read More: Is Selling Avon Worth it? A Look at the Numbers.

Writing For Hubpages to Earn Extra Cash

Anyone who has ever heard of making money blogging has thought of doing it themselves. When I first was debating on starting a blog, I stumbled upon Hubpages. This is where I actually got my start with writing online to earn extra cash from home.

I have never regretted a moment I spent writing for Hubpages. It taught me almost everything I needed to know about being successful as an online writer. I no longer write for Hubpages; primarily because I got what I could from it and have moved on to writing on my own sites.

I haven’t written a new post in probably 6 months and still earn around $70 for the hubs I wrote before i stopped. I was even in the Hubpages Apprenticeship Program. That program actually paid me around $6 for each hub (blog post) I wrote during my apprenticeship. I highly suggest any Momma who likes to write give Hubpages a try.

My Hubpages Earnings

hubpages earnings

Read More: Hubpages Review: Making Money on Hubpages in 2014.

Starting a Blog

The most profitable of all my endeavors so far has been starting a blog. When I started having success with a few of my Hubs, I started a blog in the same niche. Once I saw minor success with that, I started learning more and more about blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). I then started this blog and plan to eventually make a full time income from it.

I have now been blogging part time for about 2 years and 4 months. I make a steady income from my 2 blogs of about $200/month. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I have only been blogging as a hobby. If you would like to know how to start a blog, check out my post over here.

Working for Pennies on Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) work. These are things that companies post that their computer systems are not capable of doing. HITs include things like finding relevant results in Google, transcribing audio, checking spelling and others. Most of the HITs come in bundles of hundreds that are worth 5 to 10 cents each. These are very mundane tasks but if you do enough of them, you can do them quickly.

I always used a Reddit group to find the HITs that end up paying the most for the amount of time you spend. HITs Worth Turking For is a community that shares links to good HITs. MTurk is by no means a way to make a living if you are in the US but it can give you some extra cash when you want it. You only need to earn $1.00 to cash out and can be paid directly into your bank account.

Fiverr – 5 Dollars Here, 5 Dollars There

Fiverr is a site where you can offer your services in almost anything for $5. However, Fiverr collects their share at $1 per gig. So, you really make $4 for every gig someone buys from you. I mostly used this in combination with my writing at Hubpages. I offered to write reviews on products and services that were 300-500 words long. You can post gigs for anything you could think of that you are good at. People sell graphics, paper editing, lessons, video creation, you name it. My only advice is to sell a gig that you can do in 30 minutes or less. That way, you are earning an equivalent of $8/hr.

Slow but Easy Money With Swagbucks

I am addicted to Google, or search engines in general. I look up anything and everything online. I am an internet addict, according to my husband. ; ) So, when I found Swagbucks, I was thrilled. You can earn points which can then be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, or products in the Swagbucks store. I, personally always choose PayPal. The typical Swagbuck (SB) to US Dollar equivalent is 1 SB = $0.01. The lowest you can cash out for PayPal cash is 2500 points or $25. I mainly just use Swagbucks for searching but earn around 20-50 SB per day. It takes a while to add up but I’m not doing anything extra that I wouldn’t normally do.

Swagbucks can be earned by:

  • Searching the internet (my favorite!).
  • Answering surveys.
  • Downloading the toolbar.
  • Buying through Swagbucks links.
  • Printing coupons.
  • Taking daily polls.
  • Many more.
  • Entering Swagcodes.

Work From Home Mom Monthly Earnings Reports

I am going to start writing a blog post every month to show you my progress towards becoming a work from home mom. Make sure to subscribe to get updates when a new one is published.


Free Printable Budget Worksheets

May 31, 2022

Why You Should Use one of These Free Printable Budget Worksheets

One of the biggest problems with family finances is not knowing what their monthly bills truly are. Using one of these free printable budget worksheets can get you headed into the right direction. You will get a true picture of how much you are spending and on what. No more blindly making it from paycheck to paycheck. Once you know where your money is going, you can decide where it is possible to cut back. Below are some amazing money management worksheets to print.

Simple Household Budget by Freebie FindingMom

I love this one because it is really simple and has spaces for you to fill in your own expense categories. If you are completely new to budgeting, you may not want to use this one. Newbies are better off with a budget worksheet that has more guidance. However, if you know what you are doing already and just want a basic format to fill in, this is perfect for you.

– See more at: FreebieFindingMom.

Customizable Budget Worksheet by Dollar Times

This is probably my favorite budget worksheet since I am a control freak. You can completely customize it to have your own categories and line items. Once you add those, you can add in the dollar amounts to each item. This custom budget worksheet is not for the faint at heart and would probably overwhelm someone new to budgeting. I would recommend it for those who know exactly what their expenses are and want to create a good-looking, customizable, organized worksheet. After you create the worksheet, you are able to print it off.

The Sexy Budget from J. Money

I have to say I’m in love with J. Money from even though I’ve never met him. He has the market on making personal finance fun and a lot less boring. His budget worksheet is colorful and has a set of instructions included. This worksheet could be great for a first timer or a budget veteran.

Bill Payment Schedule from Christian Personal Finance

This is a great budget worksheet for those who have a lot of different payments every month and find it hard to keep track of. This is also a great way to improve your credit score because on-time payments can make or break your credit.


 This list of free printable budget worksheets will grow as I find more that are worth recommending. If you have one you would like to have featured here e-mail me at or leave a comment below with your link.


Hubpages Review: Making Money on Hubpages in 2014 & Beyond

May 31, 2022

Who I am to Give a Hubpages Review?

When I first had the idea to start writing for income, I did a lot of research. I wasn’t quite ready to dive headfirst into the blogging world by owning my own site. At the time, I was a writer; not a blogger. There is a big difference. Today, I consider myself a blogger. Most of the transition, I can attribute to the time I spent writing on Hubpages.

Starting Out on Hubpages

I signed up to write for Hubpages in early November of 2012. I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to writing for an online audience. There is just so much involved. The style of writing is different, and you have to do so much just to get found on the internet. I started out aimlessly publishing articles and jumping for joy when I would see a few pennies trickle in. It wasn’t much, but it told me that producing an income was possible.

Hubpages Apprenticeship Program

Everything changed when I applied, and got accepted to the Hubpages Apprenticeship Program in January of 2013. Most online blogging courses make you pay a fee to join and watch the videos, or read lessons. Hubpages did the opposite. They paid me for every “Hub” I wrote while in the program – up to 15 per month. The going rate at the time was $6.09 for each article published that met the standard. On top of that, you still received your advertising income from those hubs. And, of course, that income increased because I was learning to produce better content.

Hubpages was a huge stepping stone in my work from home career plan. But, it was just that- a stepping stone. I no longer write for Hubpages but do still have published content earning me money on the site. So, this Hubpages review will give you an in depth explanation of Hubpages and the pros and cons of writing for Hubpages. This is from my personal experience in the last, almost, 2 years.

What is Hubpages and How Does it Work?

Hubpages is a type of blogging community. When you sign up, you get a subdomain. Mine is Your subdomain is dictated by your user name.

You can create your own articles called “hubs”, and earn money through a profit sharing model.

How do You Make Money on Hubpages?

  • Hubpages Earnings Program
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Google Adsense
  • Referrals
  • Contests
  • Bonuses
  • Hubpages Apprenticeship Program

The methods that earn through Hubpages putting ad codes on your hubs, like the Hubpages Earnings Program, eBay, Amazon, and Google Adsense, are split 60/40. But, it isn’t a split of the earnings. It is a 60/40 split of the impressions. This means that 60% of the time a visitor goes to an article you have written, your ad code is displayed. If the visitor clicks on an ad during that time, you get the full earnings. However, 40% of the time, Hubpages’ ad code is displayed. Hubpages will get 100% of the earnings during those visits.

Hubpages Referrals

Another easy method of earning on Hubpages is by linking to other hubs with your referral code. When someone visits another page on Hubpages after clicking on a link with your tracking code, you receive a 10% share of the those impressions and any earnings during that time. If someone signs up to write for Hubpages after clicking your referral link, you get a 10% share of all impressions that writer gets – FOREVER. If you decide to sign up for Hubpages, use my referral link. (Please)

Hubpages Contests

Hubpages often runs contests that can earn you an extra $25, $50 or some other amount if you win. A lot of the time, you enter by writing a hub in a certain topic or theme. I have never won any contests, but plenty of hubbers do.

Hubpages Bonus Programs

Hubpages has been back and forth with their bonus program. But, at the time of writing this, it is still in effect. There is a regular bonus program and a “4×4 Bonus Program.” The chart below, shows how much your bonus would be for each hub based on how many hubs you have published prior to that month and your average earnings per hub. There is a limit of 15 hubs per month that are eligible to receive the bonus.

Hubpages Review - Bonus Program
* Average earnings are computed by dividing the amount that you earned through the HubPages Ad Program last month by the number of your Hubs that were first published prior to last month. ** You must have published at least this many Hubs prior to last month to be eligible for the corresponding tier.

The 4×4 bonus takes this a little bit further. To qualify, you must at least be in tier 1 with an average earning per hub, per month of $0.95 and a minimum of 10 hubs published prior to that month. The additional requirement is that you must publish a minimum of 4 hubs per month for 4 consecutive months before you can earn the 4×4 bonus. I am currently in the standard tier 2 because I don’t publish anything any more. But, if I were to publish a hub today, I would get a $0.68 bonus just for publishing.

My Hubpages Earnings Experience

Many new writers of perspective writers for Hubpages want to know what kind of earnings potential there is. Although, I can’t give you an average; I can tell you exactly what I have made.

Hubpages Review : Traffic

All Time Totals

  • Time Span: 20 Months
  • Total Hubs Published: 105
  • Total Currently Published Hubs: 88
  • Last Hub Published: May 11, 2013
  • Hubpages Earnings Program: $1290.28
  • eBay: $11.56
  • Amazon: $98.21
  • Hubpages Apprenticeship Program: $243.59
  • Google Adsense: $57.97
  • Total: $1701.61
  • Income/Hub/Month: $0.81
  • Income/Hub/Month (Not Including Apprenticeship): $0.69

Last Month

  • Time Span: 1 Months
  • Total Currently Published Hubs: 88
  • Hubs Published in Last Year: 0
  • Hubpages Earnings Program: $107.77
  • eBay: $0
  • Amazon: $0.69
  • Hubpages Apprenticeship Program: $0
  • Google Adsense: $6.07
  • Total: $114.53
  • Income/Hub/Month: $1.30

How Does Hubpages Pay You?

Hubpages pay and earnings are sent out via PayPal, and only through PayPal. Payments are sent on the 28th of every month. You then have to transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account. Sometimes, it takes as many as 3 days to be available to use after Hubpages has paid you. I wish they would do direct deposit or something like that. But, I still don’t have to wait for a check in the mail.

Why I Stopped Writing for Hubpages

After writing for a about 4 or 5 months, I noticed that a certain category of my hubs were doing quite well. This niche was something I knew really well and I knew I could expand on it and write a ton more articles. So, I decided to finally buy my own domain name and hosting. This way, I had complete control over everything and the money I made was all mine to keep. I launched my own blog in September of 2013. I hadn’t even been writing online for a whole year but I was ready to go out on my own.

Since then, I have moved a lot of the articles I wrote for Hubpages, to my own sites. I now have 2 main blogs that I spend most of my time and energy on, and don’t have the time for Hubpages anymore.

Hubpages Review: The Pros

  • No hosting or domain name costs. So, it’s free to start writing on Hubpages.
  • Hubpages has tons of learning material on creating hubs and writing online content in general. Almost everything you need to know to be successful as a blogger can be found in other hubbers’ hubs or in the Learning Center of Hubpages.
  • There is a huge community of writer at your disposal. In the beginning, many of your pageviews and earnings will come from fellow hubbers. They will comment, share, and give you feedback.
  • The staff is amazing and fun. If you ever need help with something, you can easily get in touch with someone who knows what is going on.

 Hubpages Review: The Cons

  • You have to share your impressions, and therefore, earnings with Hubpages. (60/40)
  • You have no control over the website itself or the advertising. If something messes up or the site just disappears, you are out of luck and your content is gone.
  • Your content is reviewed by Hubpages and can be un-plublished if they don’t find it adequate.
  • Hubpages can disable advertisements on hubs if they have any kind of keywords deemed inappropriate. (My hub about How to conceive a Boy doesn’t have ads) Therefore, you lose the earning potential of those hubs.
  • Branding is much more difficult on a subdomain.

Hubpages Review: Final Word

All in all, I would whole-heartedly recommend writing for Hubpages as a learning experience. I, however, don’t think it is an ideal place for experienced writers to make big money. There are people making great money on Hubpages. But, I prefer to have more control over the entire process now that I have learned what I needed to from Hubpages.

If you enjoyed this post, check out: How to Make Money on Hubpages.


The Debt Snowball Method Makes Paying Off Debts Feel Good

May 30, 2022

I Love the Debt Snowball Method!

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time I can scratch a debt off of my IOU list. Most people feel the same. It is like getting weight off of your shoulders. You can finally breath again. The Debt Snowball Method capitalizes on this natural feeling. It uses psychology to aid us in achieving our goals.

What is the Debt Snowball Method?

The Debt Snowball Method is a debt reduction strategy that focuses on paying off the smallest debts first. It is best known for being a motivational tool to becoming debt free. Dave Ramsey is one major supporter of the Debt Snowball Method. He says that personal finance is “20 percent head knowledge and 80 percent behavior” and that people trying to reduce debt need “quick wins” to stay motivated toward debt reduction. I am a major supporter of Dave Ramsey! He has his stuff together and does an amazing job of teaching others. Because personal finance has so much to do with behavior and feeling good, the debt snowball method is a great motivator. It uses positive reinforcement to keep you paying down your debt.

 Who Should Use the Debt Snowball Method?

Debt snowball method
The Debt Snowball method is great for those with multiple credit cards.
  • People who have multiple credit accounts with outstanding balances.
  • People who have large balances on some debt and small balances on others.
  • People who are not very motivated to pay off debt, or are feeling discouraged.
  • People who are tired of having multiple payments and are thinking of consolidating their debt.

How Does the Debt Snowball Method Work?

Step 1: Identify your debts.

Make a list of all your debts in order from the smallest balance to the largest balance. Include the name of the debt, the balance, the minimum payment and the due date. For the typical person, there is no need to list the interest rate unless you have two debts with the same balance. If this is the case, list the debt with the higher interest rate out of the two first. If you many different accounts, you may want to print this Consumer debt manager worksheet.

Step 2: Determine how much extra your budget allows.

Create a budget including all of your bills and all of your income. Make sure the minimum payment on your debts is included in your bill count. Determine how much money is left over from your budget, that is available to pay as extra toward your debts, once all bills are paid. Even if it is only 20 dollars, it will add up and be useful. You can use this Personal monthly budget to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Step 3: Make the minimum payment on all of your debts.

Make sure that you are still making your minimum payments on all of your debts. You don’t want to add anything to your balance because of missed payments or late fees. But, you do not want to pay anything more than the minimum on any debt, other than the debt with the smallest balance. You want to focus everything extra you have on that debt.

However, I do not suggest changing your payment every month to match what your bill says. Look at what your minimum payments are now and continue to pay no less than that amount. Credit cards get you when you owe $2000 and your minimum payment is $20. The more you pay towards that debt, the lower your minimum payments goes. Many times, your minimum payment is less than the amount of interest you are being charged. (More on this in another post.)

Step 4: Pay the extra toward the debt with the smallest balance.

When you are making your payments, add the extra amount from your budget to the payment you make on your lowest balance debt. This should be in addition to the minimum payment. Keep doing this every month until the smallest debt is paid off.

Step 5: Move on to the next smallest debt.

Once you have paid off the lowest balance debt, you will want to repeat steps 3 and 4 using the next debt on the list. But, now that you no longer have the minimum payment for the debt you just paid off, you can put that amount towards the next debt as well. This is what creates the snowball effect. Every time you pay a debt off, the money used for its minimum payment can be combined with the previous one to make a larger payment. This is the momentum you create that encourages you to keep going. It gets easier and easier to pay off each debt as your payment available grows.

Step 6: Repeat.

Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until all of your debt is gone. Congratulations, you’re debt free. Now, focus on staying debt free or just using credit wisely.


How to Improve Your Home Security without Spending too much

November 12, 2015

One of the things I have been dying to do since I bought my house is to install some kind of security system. But, every time I look at the prices, I talk myself out of it. As readers of this blog, I assume two things about you: you are trying to put yourself in a better place financially and take care of your family. So, what do you do if one hinders the other? Home security doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive with all the gadgets and monitoring. Below is a guest post about having a safer home, without breaking the bank.

Burglary is a very prevalent crime.  As a matter of fact, one home falls victim to it every 15 seconds. (Scary right?!)  It  usually strikes when nobody is at home and when it’s  least  expected. However,  although rampant, burglary is also one of the easiest crimes to prevent. There are several things you can actually do to burglar proof your home and protect what matters most to you.  Here are effective ways to improve your home security without spending a fortune:

1. Clear your lawn.

One of the most effective ways you can burglar proof your home is to increase its visibility. You can start by trimming down tall  bushes and cutting branches off of trees. These places are favorable hiding spots for burglars, particularly at night. If you want to grow some plants, you can choose the thorny ones instead. Roses, for example, are best grown near your windows. Not only will they add beauty to your lawn but they can also keep unwanted people from prying into your home.

Aside from landscaping,  you also need to make sure that there are no unused ladders lying around.  You should  avoid  leaving  objects  burglars  can  use  to  gain  access  to  your  home,  such  as screwdrivers and crowbars. You can lock these tools away to make sure that they’re not within easy reach. Boxes of newly bought items should also be removed from your lawn to avoid attracting unwanted attention. If you own a bicycle or a motorcycle, it’s best if you can tuck them inside your garage.

2. Lock your doors.

While it’s easy to feel secure with your old door lock, experts believe it may no longer be enough to keep your home safe. With lock bumping and snapping, burglars can easily gain access to your home. Aside from using traditional locks, you can also install additional deadbolt locks to your door. They are stronger and extend deeper into the door jamb and strike plate of your door’s frame than regular locks. For added security, you can also change the screws on your strike plates and make sure they are at least 3 inches in length. This way, if someone tries to kick your door open, your door frame won’t easily break.

Aside from deadbolts, smart locks are also effective in keeping burglars away. Some of these locks rely on smart phones for authentication while there are other more advanced smart locks that require biometrics, like fingerprints, in granting access. This ensures that no one can enter your home without your permission. Other than security, these locks are convenient to have because they allow users to check on their doors even without the need to travel back home. You can even lock and unlock your doors right from your smart phone.

3. Install a home security system.

You don’t need to empty your bank account just to find the best security system for your home. As a matter of fact,  there are a lot of affordable but efficient systems today that don’t  require long term contracts and expensive monthly fees. You just need to be knowledgeable of your options in order to find the best system that’s fit for your needs. A DIY system, for one, costs less than a professionally installed system because it requires no installation or even activation fees. It’s also a more convenient option because it gives you more freedom in terms of adjusting how you want the system to work and when you want to install it. There’s also no need to wait for a technician or let one inside your home. A home security camera system, on the other hand, allows you to see what happens at home in real time.  Most of these systems come with home security and automation features which means you won’t  need to spend extra just make your home smart.

4. Practice responsible home ownership.

The cheapest  way to improve your home security is to practice better  home ownership. This includes regularly checking your home and making sure that there are no broken locks and hanging hinges on your doors and windows. In case you find one, always make it a point to do prompt repairs. You should also make it a habit to avoid leaving any of your spare keys under the mat of your front door. If you’ll be away from home for a few days, try not to post details about it on sticky notes or your online accounts. It can also help if you can get to know your neighbors well. Building a close relationship withthem can mean more watchful eyes against intruders and burglars.

Awareness and vigilance are two crucial factors in improving your home security. Without them,even the best home security system or the toughest deadbolt lock won’t be enough protect your home.


Thrifty Ideas: Sometimes You Just Have to Clean it up a Bit

August 8, 2014


The article is a guest post by Hally who writes for W12 Deluxe Carpet Cleaning.

When cleaning your house, you sometimes notice items that don’t serve any purpose anymore, but you still find it hard to dispose of them. It happens to everyone. Most unnecessary stuff either has sentimental value to you or you erroneously think it will serve you one day in the future. But as time is ticking away, you still can’t remember to use it anyhow. Don’t you think that it is time to get rid of these items anyway? Don’t worry, they may still come in handy after all, so removing them is not necessary. But it really depends on the case.

Just for now, all you need to solve this problem is some free time and a little creativity.

Below we have shown several thrifty ways in which you can reuse your old stuff.

Decorate your rooms using your old stuff

Instead of removing some of the stuff, it can be used to create something new and beautiful. There are numerous possibilities, you just have to let your imagination run wild.

For example, you can turn an old ladder into a gorgeous vintage style bookshelf. It’s a low-cost method that will make some space for your books if you have too many and only little room for them. You don’t have to buy anything, you only need to hang the ladder onto the wall. You can divide it into two parts and hang each one in two different corners. After that you only have to add some books. If you want, you may paint the ladder before hanging it.

Another very interesting idea is to hang old chairs onto a wall, using them as a closet unit or shelf. You can put some hangers on which you can place your clothes.

If you have too many books that you will never read again, you can use them to make a bookshelf where you’ll put the books that are valuable to you. Just fix the old books onto the wall and you will have a beautiful bookshelf. How you can make one you can search in the cyberspace.

What else you can do is: turn rackets into mirrors, hang bowlers on lamps, turn bathtub into couch (by the way, this is a great idea!) and so on and so forth. Let us tell you one more time, you only need get motivated and creative to make this happen.

Make old items look better

Every item needs refreshing every now and then. Time is merciless to all the creatures and objects as they deteriorate very quickly. As a result some of your belongings may need to be freshened a little. For example, you may need to change your wallpapers. Instead of spending a fortune on new wallpapers, you can refresh the ones you already have by adding some decoration on the wall that will cover the “problematic” areas. In this case, adding a shelf like the one we mentioned above will do just fine.

You can use all the tips for decorating your room to refreshen your belongings and the appearance of the house as whole.

Dispose of the stuff you don’t need

The last tip would be to get rid of all the stuff that serves no purpose to you and that you didn’t use to make some of the items mentioned above. This includes old products, knick-knacks, lottery tickets, clothes, etc. Just clean it up a bit. Don’t leave that for the next cleaning session when you may be too tired to handle stuff like that.