Couponing at CVS: My First Attempt

October 10, 2022

I have always read blogs about couponing, like TheKrazyCouponLady and MoneySavingMom. But, I have never been a “couponer” before. I have used a maximum of like two coupons in one shopping trip before. I always just buy the store brand and call it a day. All that couponing stuff just seemed to take so much more work than it’s worth. But, I needed diapers today and didn’t feel like driving far. CVS is 3.4 miles from my house. I figured, “what the he**, I’ll give it a try.” Here is how it went on my first shopping trip, couponing at CVS

Preparing for Couponing at CVS

I already had a CVS Extra Care card, so that step was already taken care of. The next thing I did was check out the weekly ad on my CVS app since I’m an iPhone addict. I took note of the best deal and look at the qualifying items. If I spent $30, I got a $10 gas card! I spend a ton of money on gas, so this was perfect. I looked at the items and mentally kept track of what I might want/need.

In The Store

Once I got to CVS, I wondered around aimlessly looking for the products I really needed (Pull-Ups) and the products that would get me a gas card. Did I mention, I brought my sleep-deprived toddler? That made things even more interesting and stressful. I could tell people were looking at me funny, but too bad. I was there to save money, not look cute. : )

At the Checkout Counter

When I got to the counter, I haphazardly starting putting everything up to be scanned. I scanned my CVS card and pretty much hoped for the best. When I got my receipt and no gas card, I was a little confused. I had counted up the total in my head, and thought I made it to $30. The manager was close by after fixing another couponer’s order. I asked him about it, and he pointed out on the receipt that I was $1.05 short! Grrr! Luckily, the deal was a weekly running total. He grabbed me another air freshener for $0.99 and I was golden. Apparently, 6 cents off was close enough. At least, I knew that it was the pre-tax and pre-discount total.

How did I do?

Couponing at CVS

My first haul from CVS (41.75% Savings)

I feel like I spent more than I planned to. I didn’t get that hyped-up feeling from saving money that I figured would follow couponing at CVS. But, I still don’t think i did too bad for a beginner. The problem was, I didn’t use a single manufacturer coupon!

2 Double Stuff Oreos

  • Regular Price: $4.79 each
  • Sale Price: 2/$6
  • Savings: $3.58

2 Kellogg Cereals (Krave & Smacks)

  • Regular Price: $4.99 & $6.29
  • Sale Price: 2/$4
  • Savings: $7.28

2 Renuzit Air Fresheners

  • Regular Price: $1.77 each
  • Sale Price: $0.99 each
  • Savings: $2.76

Gold Emblem Grape Juice

  • Regular Price: $4.49
  • Sale Price: $2.99
  • Savings: $1.50

Treaseme  Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Regular Price: $4.99 each
  • Sale Price: Buy 1, Get 1 50% off
  • Savings: $2.50

2 36-Ct Kotex Tampons

  • Regular Price: $6.99 each
  • Sale Price: Buy 1, Get 1 50% off
  • Savings: $3.50

2 CVS Brand Training Pants

  • Regular Price: $10.99 each
  • Sale Price: Buy 1, Get 1 50% off
  • Savings: $5.50

$10 Gas Card (Items in red are qualifying purchases for Gas Card Deal)

  • Regular Price: $10.00
  • Sale Price: $0
  • Savings: $10.00


Total Spent Before Taxes: $49.41

Total Savings Before Taxes: $35.42 (41.75%) Not bad but could have been much better!


Lessons Learned About Couponing at CVS and Couponing in General

Make a Plan and Write it Down

If you don’t go into the store with a plan, you will either forget something, or bring home way more that you planned. This can be a costly mistake. I suggest you look through the ad, and write down the items you need/want. Then, look for coupons for those items. Write down the item, the regular price, the deal you are getting and the coupons you plan to use. This makes it easy to know how much you are going to spend and makes it faster to make sure everything on your receipt is correct.

Don’t Bring Your Kids

Kids, or anyone who isn’t on board with the couponing mission, are likely to slow you down and distract you. I was constantly trying to entertain my daughter and probably missed out on plenty of deals.

Know the Store Policies

I could have avoided a lot a stress and anxiety if I knew how things worked. I’m kind of a control freak that way. If you plan on couponing at CVS, print out their Coupon policy before hand and keep it with you. This can clear up any confusion at the counter and help you plan your strategy.

Know the Store Layout

This trip would have gone a lot faster and a lot less painful if I knew where I was going. I was probably in the store for a good half-hour when I could have been in and out in 5-10 minutes. If you know the layout of the store, and what kind of products are where, you wont have to backtrack and look like a retard.

Added Bonus

I am also using Receipt Hog to upload all of my receipts. I get coins that I can cash in for PayPal deposits based on the amount of the receipt. For this shopping trip, I was awarded 15 coins. This amounts to $0.10 if I wait until I have accumulated 4500 to cash in.

How did your first attempt at couponing at CVS go? What tips would you give to new couponers? The more I learn, the more I share with you. So, don’t forget to subscribe and follow to get updates.

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