Old Fashioned Cleaning Remedies That Actually Work

October 10, 2022

Guest Post By: Hally Bertram

Instead of using harsh and very toxic cleaning materials and preparations, sold in the markets today, there are a number of ecological resources you can use, made of natural and cheap ingredients. Cleaning can be affordable and easy and as effective as using the other professional products. Using the old fashioned cleaning remedies like baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and sunlight, you apply eco-friendly ingredients, which are safe and efficient in achieving immaculate cleanness.

The most effective and affordable cleaning remedies, tested and proved by domestic cleaners in London, used by our grandparents, when there wasn’t another cleaning alternative are:

  • baking soda
  • lemon juice
  • white vinegar
  • sunlight

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the remedies, which are not very often used, although it can bring brilliant results. Combined and blended together with some lemon juice, vinegar or water it makes a slightly abrasive paste, which can be used as an universal cleaning product and for removing stains. It can be used on plenty of surfaces and doesn’t erode them, unlike the strong chemicals. Baking soda cleanses well all stainless steel objects and its paste removes pastels from walls and wallpapers. It can eliminate tannin stains from tea and coffee and any stains on crockery.

old fashioned cleaning remedies

Mixing acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate to make an eco friendly household cleaner. Source: Flickr.

Its another effect is neutralizing and absorbing any kind of smell. These properties can be used to deodorize fridges and dishwashers. It can successfully cover all bad smells from pet animals from different rugs, carpets and furniture. If you want to clean your carpet bespatter it with baking soda and leave it around quarter an hour, before vacuum cleaning it.

Lemon Juice

Another cleaning remedy, which actually works is lemon juice. When choosing them for cleaning, pick these, which are hard and weighty and have fine-grained skin. They are more juicy. Lemons contain the mild citric acid, which makes them perfect for bleaching, freshening and purification of bad smell. It effectively decomposes fat. Mixed in hot water it can be used to clean kitchens. Being the best stain remover, lemon juice should be put on the first place when deciding to take away any stain. It can remove spots from sinks, brass, copper and stainless steel objects, ink stains from clothes, neutralize food smell from cutting board. Its practical necessity and usefulness is amazingly wide. Blended with salt it can make wonders, removing all kinds of stains from various tissues. Lemon juice is quite universal in cleaning.

White Vinegar

Another universal resource, which is quite cheap is white vinegar. It cleanses perfectly any glass. It is a mild acid and works well on all obstinate stains. All the deposits from hard water like lime-scale and calcium will be effectively removed from your tiles, bathroom showers and sinks. It is a wonderful cleaning remedy for obstinate spots on upholstered furnishings, pots and pans, removing of mildew and mould, stains from clothes and carpets etc. It also has a perfume effect. It absorbs smells of smoke and paint in the room, placed in a container or directly sprayed in the premise.


And last but not least is natural sunlight. It has very strong bleaching power and can replace the strong and harmful preparations, which make your clothes whiter. If you wet a stain on your clothes and leave it to dry in the sun and repeat the procedure till the spot disappears, you can remove it, without a problem. The sunlight also decreases mold and mildew from different subjects. Regular exposing of covers, blankets and upholstery on direct sunlight is a good way to aerate them.

Using these easy to find and very effective old-fashionable remedies, you can save money and achieve the same and sometimes even better effect in cleaning and disinfecting your clothes and house properties. They are time-tested and really work on all stains, dirt, mildew and mold and will definitely leave no toxicity in the environment.

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